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Year R


Reception Phonic Workshop November 2021

Reception Curriculum Workshop October 2021


Reception Parents' Meeting for 2021-22 starters June 2021



Our vision at Hartford Infant School in our Reception classrooms (otherwise known as EYFS - Early Years Foundation Stage) is for every child to develop a deep love for learning which will continue throughout their life.

Please watch the video above 'YR Workshop September 2020' for an understanding of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

We promote a safe, affectionate environment that enables children to take calculated risks, make decisions, ask questions and be independent through our bold and engaging school curriculum.

The Early Years environment provides a wide variety of age appropriate resources, with continuous provision (those resources which are always available) and enhancements (resources which are added to those already in place) as part of planned topics as well as those based on the children’s own interests and experiences. This nurturing environment mirrors those areas the children will explore in Key Stage 1 (Years One and Two). E.g. word windows, construction areas, phonic resources, story shelves.

Children are supported to access the resources independently and use them how they choose, for their own purposes to develop their learning and understanding of the world around them. These choices may sometimes differ from the planned intentions but will still be meaningful and support learning.

All adults will support, scaffold and model learning in the indoor and outdoor areas through:

  • Specific teaching, e.g. phonics, guided work.
  • Supporting children through child initiated projects e.g. building a bridge to hold a vehicle, how to write and invitation for a birthday party.
  • Adult initiated activities in the tuff spots, e.g. how to use enhancements such as sponge printing.

All adults continually observe and assess children’s learning and development and use this information in discussion with other members of the team to plan relevant, engaging and challenging activities which meet each child’s individual needs.

Staff will upload pictures of the children’s learning on a regular basis on to an online learning journal (Tapestry) to share learning experiences with other staff and parents/carers [only parents of the child can access their online journey out of school].

We believe that partnership with parents is key and will regularly engage with parents/carers of children to also upload pictures and videos of learning at home. Learning is also documented in writing books and folders.

The Early Years Curriculum (Development Matters) (see video above for more information) supports the prime and specific areas of learning and are delivered through an interesting and inspiring curriculum. It gives children opportunities to access a wide range of experiences, to consolidate skills and develop a deep understanding of the world around them. This supports progress towards a good level of development. We will bring out the best in our children.

Our Hartford Heroes are used in classrooms to promote the characteristics of learning that are fundamental to our children’s learning.

Bringing out the Best in Everyone