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Curriculum Overview

At Hartford Infant School (HIS) we have a bold and engaging curriculum that develops the following core skills:

  • Curiosity (question, observe, enquire, understand)
  • Confidence (resilient, independent, reflective, self-motivated, problem solver, resourceful, self-regulate)
  • Communication (read, write, represent, reason, speak, listen, present, collaborate)

We deliver a skills-led curriculum, which is underpinned by knowledge. We teach the foundations children need in order to make connections across year groups and subjects, which will allow them to be successful citizens. We believe that all children have a right to a broad, balanced and relevant education which provides continuity and progression and takes individual differences and barriers into account. We aim for all pupils to develop the skills and knowledge they need in order to succeed across the curriculum and reach their potential. We will provide an engaging and accessible curriculum, relevant to our community, promoting our school vision and values, in order to develop a lifelong love for learning.

We teach English, maths, reading and phonics skills as discrete, individual subjects, in addition to RE, PE, PSHE and Forest School. Our whole school enquiry encompasses science and the following foundation subjects: Art and Design, Design technology (DT), Geography, History, Computing, Music. These skills are carefully mapped out each term and across year groups to ensure clear progression, building on prior learning and are highlighted in our Skills Progression document (see the side of the page).

We have a three-year cycle of whole school themes (Long Term Enquiry Plan - see the side of the page) to enable pupils to develop a wealth of cross curricular knowledge, linked directly to the skills delivered.

Learning at Hartford Infant School is pertinent to our children and ensures deep coverage of the National Curriculum ( and EYFS curriculum (–2).

We focus on Oracy and provide enriching and memorable experiences for our children in their community and beyond. Each term our whole school ‘sparky start’ generates curiosity, enjoyment, motivation and engagement, leading into two distinctly different enquiries in which we teach skills and link our knowledge. Each enquiry is completed with a shared event to summarise the skills learnt and knowledge obtained.

Our Pupil Voice activities (Big Conversaton, Peer Reviews, Learning Walks) have demonstrated that the children are enjoying the learning.

Throughout the year, the children access a range of trips, visitors and other thematic experiences to enrich their learning. These enrichment experiences are planned to compliment the enquiry journey that the children are engaged in. For instance as part of our geographical work, ‘I am a small part of the world’, the children had a bespoke trip to Cambridge city.

At the start of each term a Learning Leaflet (see the side of the page) is sent home to parents and carers of the children in each year group to share key learning concepts and give suggestions for how to support their child.

There are opportunities for parents and carers to visit the classrooms and work alongside their children throughout the year and observe how we each phonics, maths or handwriting. Subsequent tailored workshops share top tips on how to support their child and there are numerous opportunities to come in and see the children’s enquiry work.

Parents can also access children’s work on enquiry with the use of an online journal (Tapestry) that is established in EYFS and currently launching in Key Stage 1.





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