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In science we will foster children’s innate sense of curiosity to learn about the world around them.

In our lessons we will cover the topics materials, plants, humans, animals and habitats.

These are visited twice a year, to allow for coverage, progression and to ensure misconceptions and gaps in learning can be addressed. Working scientifically is woven within our weekly science lessons.

Our children will be curious, observative, and reflective.


For Key Stage 1 [Classes 3, 4, 5 and 6] click on the image below to access BBC Bitesize with lots of useful science videos that we use in our lessons

Enquiry Organisers

Click on the links below to access the science enquiry organiser for each year group. Each organiser shows the knowledge and skills that will be taught during Cycle 3 [2023-24] in the term specified [Autumn, Spring or Summer].


Science Enquiry Organiser for Reception Cycle 3

Year 1

Science Enquiry Organiser for Year 1 Cycle 3

Year 2

Science Enquiry Organiser for Year 2 Cycle 3

Bringing out the Best in Everyone