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In music we will promote enjoyment and confidence through a love of music in all children. In our lessons we will encourage children to sing songs, explore and compose sounds musically, listen to and understand live and recorded music and play tuned and untuned instruments.

In our singing assemblies we will collectively sing seasonal songs each week.  We will share music and singing with the wider community by inviting our local church to join in with Harvest and parents to enjoy our Christmas, Easter and Summer performances and events.

Our children will be able to appreciate and understand the different dimensions of sounds, be confident when performing to an audience, use musical instruments to compose and express themselves through music.

Enquiry Organisers

Click on the link below to access the enquiry organiser for each year group for Cycle 3 [2023-24].


Music Enquiry Organiser Reception Cycle 3

Year 1

Music Enquiry Organiser Year 1 Cycle 3

Year 2

Music Enquiry Organiser Year 2 Cycle 3

Bringing out the Best in Everyone