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As a school we believe that good assessment is an integral part of the teaching and learning cycle. We believe that all pupils can succeed if taught and assessed effectively. At Hartford Infant School we aim for high quality teaching and learning, and the heart of this is effective assessment. We use three main forms of assessment: in school formative, in school summative and national summative.

Forms of Assessment

There are three main forms of assessment - in-school formative assessment (assessment for learning of AfL), in-school summative assessment and nationally standardised summative assessment. Our assessment policy details our approach to each of these.

In-school formative assessment (AfL)

We believe high quality formative assessment is at the very heart of good teaching and learning. Considering this we prioritise time to focus on high quality, in depth teaching, supported by in-class formative assessment.

In-school summative assessment

At Hartford Infant School all children’s summative achievements are tracked using an online assessment tool called Insight. We are able to track children’s progress from starting points when they join the school and their achievements at end of phases e.g. the Good Level of Development at the end of the Reception year.

Nationally standardised summative assessment

Nationally standardised assessments are used to provide information on how children are performing in comparison to children nationally and locally. They provide parents with information on how the school is performing in comparison to schools nationally. Teachers have a clear understanding of national expectations and assess their own performance in the broader national context.

Reporting to Parents

Children's attainment and progress is discussed and Parent Consultation Meetings in the Autumn and Spring terms. Teachers are also available for informal consultations throughout the year if parents/carers wish to discuss their child's learning. In the Summer term, a written report on progress and attainment is shared with parents/carers.

What is Independent?

At Hartford Infant School, independence is defined as; the child making a choice and consistently applying what they know, in a variety of contexts and over a period.

Standardisation and Moderation

The teaching staff regularly standardise and moderate work with in school and with external support to ensure that the judgements made are thorough. This includes working across phases so that everyone is accountable for the decisions that are made about children’s work.

Pupil Progress Meetings 

Pupil Progress meetings take place throughout the year with class teachers, team leaders and the Head teacher. Insight is used to inform these meetings and evidence of discussions is recorded.

Bringing out the Best in Everyone