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Golden Rules

Our school has a set of ‘Golden Rules’ so that everyone in our school community has a shared understanding of our expectations in terms of acceptable behaviour.

Our behaviour policy is based on an expectation of good behaviour and developing relationships within a secure, caring environment.  We emphasise the ways in which we can foster such a positive atmosphere stressing the need for mutual respect, courtesy, consideration, tolerance and an understanding of every member of our school community.  

All adults working in our school have consistent and realistic expectations of children’s behaviour. Honesty is positively encouraged as children should be building up an understanding of right and wrong.  Children are helped towards developing self-discipline and to begin to accept responsibility for their words and actions.  All children will be encouraged to develop a positive attitude towards their work and progress in school.        

Our approach centres upon praise and encouragement, although we address and deal with inappropriate behaviour when it arises.  If a child fails to meet our expectations we use a variety of strategies to seek an improvement.  If the problem persists, parents will be informed and invited to discuss the issues in an attempt to identify the reasons.  It may then be considered appropriate to seek the advice of outside agencies.  (In extreme cases short term exclusions may be enforced if necessary).

The school is committed to ensuring that all staff and adults with responsibility for children’s safety and welfare deal professionally with all incidents involving aggressive behaviour, and only use physical intervention as a last resort in line with national and local advice.  If used at all it will be in the context of a respectful, supportive relationship with the pupil.  We will always aim to ensure minimal risk of injury to pupils and staff.

Children are rewarded with a 'number in a box' when they keep a Golden Rule. In EYFS (Reception Class 1 & 2) the staff will record the number given and transfer the numbers to a certificate throughout the term. In Key Stage 1 (Year 1 & 2 Classes 3, 4, 5 & 6) the children record their own numbers in boxes on a class chart. These are transferred on to a certificate by staff throughout the term. Children receive their certificates at various times in the year in a class assembly to celebrate keeping the Golden Rules.

Bringing out the Best in Everyone