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Mission & Values

Vision and Values

We believe in bringing out the best in everyone.
We want all our children to be curious, confident learners who can communicate effectively.
We want all children to be;

  • Articulate, using a rich vocabulary
  • Independent, active learners who are self-motivated
  • Happy, with a love of learning
  • Resilient problem solvers
  • Respectful members of the community, with high standards of behaviour

We offer high standards of teaching and learning in an enabling, inclusive environment where each child is nurtured and valued as an individual and encouraged to reach their potential.
We value six fundamental characteristics of learning that encourage the children to be the very best version of themselves.

These are our Hartford Heroes which focus on:
aiming high

  • involvement
  • perseverance
  • problem solving
  • reflection
  • teamwork.

Bringing out the Best in Everyone