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Mission & Values

Aims and Values

'Bringing out the Best in Everyone'

For every member of our staff your children come first - their happiness and success is our priority.

This is because we are guided by four shared beliefs which underpin all the work here at Hartford:

-       Firstly, we believe each and every child is unique and should feel valued and successful.

-       Secondly, we believe each and every child is entitled to the highest quality of education.

-       Thirdly, we believe each and every child has a right to leave our school having achieved or surpassed their potential.

-        And lastly we believe if we get it right for each and every child now while in their early years we can make a real difference to their lives.


These beliefs underpin our aims and values, as well as our mission statement and vision for the future.

Mission Statement (where we are)

'Our aim is to provide high standards of teaching and learning in an environment where each child is valued as an individual and encouraged to achieve his or her potential.'

Our Vision (where we want to be) 

'We will bring out the best in everyone by: becoming a community of active learners and creative thinkers, with the highest aspirations for ourselves and others, combined with a love of learning, and supported by a personalised curriculum, enabling environment and excellent teaching and learning.'

Children in Receipt of Pupil Premium Ambition Statement 

At Hartford Infant School, we provide inclusive and aspirational opportunities for all children, regardless of their socio-economic background so that every child has an equal chance to succeed as a lifelong learner. Alongside parents, all staff and governors will support children in a nurturing and affectionate environment. This encourages children to be confident, resilient individuals who can meet their full potential academically, emotionally and socially. We promote an ‘I can’ attitude where the sky is the limit!

Broad Aims of the School

  1. To create a happy, secure and purposeful environment in which all members of our school community work together for the benefit of the children.
  2. To have high yet realistic expectations of each child’s learning whatever their background or abilities.
  3. To provide a broad and balanced curriculum in which language and communication, reading, writing and mathematics are given high priority.
  4. To provide opportunities for children to develop independence and confidence through enjoyable, creative first-hand experience.
  5. To achieve high standards of behaviour through a whole school positive approach.
  6. To work in partnership with parents/carers and the wider community.

Our Values 

A value is a choice about what is good or bad, important or unimportant. While we have many values at Hartford Infant School we have chosen seven key values to prioritise for the cohort of children we serve.

These are:

  1. Respect and care for self and others
  2. Confidence and self-belief
  3. Independence
  4. Good communication
  5. Teamwork and cooperation
  6. Knowledge, skills and a love of learning
  7. Happiness

Bringing out the Best in Everyone