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The responsible authority of Hartford Infant School is the board of trustees of The Cam Academy Trust. Responsibilities are delegated to the Local Governing Board [LGB] in line with the Trust Scheme of Delegation  and through the Terms of Reference for the LGB are

There are three types of governor: Trust appointed, staff elected and parent elected. Additionally, the Trust and LGB can appoint individuals as 'Associate Members' who may have specialist skills or knowledge for a minimum term of one yea. They are not governors, and cannot vote, but they can attend governor meetings and can chair committees set up for a specific purpose. The Trust appoint the Chair and Vice Chair. The LGB must have a good balance of experience and the skills required to monitor and support a school's performance and to make evidence-based strategic decisions, while also supporting other schools within the Trust as required.

The total membership of the Governing Body shall be not fewer than nine members and not more than 16. These comprise

  • Two ex-officio members (CEO or Primary Executive Leader of The Trust and the Head/Principal)
  • Two elected members of staff
  • Two elected parents
  • Not fewer than five more more than 12 Trustee governors, appointed by the Trust

You can find out more about our current governors here.

We are also looking for TWO Parent Governors to join the Local Governing Body. If you would like to find out more, please contact the school.  Please see the Parent Governor Recruitment leaflet on the side panel for more information.


The latest minutes are in the panel to the left and any previous minutes from the full governing body meetings are available on request from the school office.

Pecuniary Interests

The governors sign an annual register disclosing any pecuniary interests they may have. Each meeting agenda requires all attendees to disclose any pecuniary interests related to agenda items to be discussed. This can be viewed in the panel on the side of this page in Governor Information and Attendance.

If you wish to contact the governors, please email the clerk, Jose Railton, on

Trust Governance

Further information on the Board of Trustees and the way the Trust is governed is available on the Trust website,



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