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Remote Learning

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The latest Homework Posters are on the left hand side of this page. These are updated half termly. These have some worksheets attached linked to areas of learning on the poster and supportive ideas to make some of the tasks simpler where appropriate. If you need a homework poster pack contact the school:  or 07780975947.

Please upload any work completed at home onto Tapestry.

Bug Club and Numbots are always available.

Remote Learning Guidance

Within this section you will find support for remote learning for your child. 

If a child is ill, we would not expect them to be working whilst being unwell but to use all their energies to recuperate. 

Please read our Remote Learning Policy [see side panel] to understand, in detail, how we will support the children during whole-school closure. This policy was created in consultation with staff and from parent feedback on our September 2020Remote Learning Provision Survey. 

During this time your child will have: 

  • a daily 30-minute phonics lesson delivered by a teacher using PowerPoint as a visual aid to support this [please note the actual video may not last 30 minutes however when pauses and activities are included this will meet the duration of the session]; 
  • Reading via Bug Club [across all year groups] suggested time of 30 minutes daily the children are used to reading for 30 minutes every day in school, this will be monitored by the class teacher and appropriate feedback given via Tapestry;
  • a daily 30-minute maths lesson delivered by a teacher using PowerPoint as a visual aid to support this [please note the actual video may not last 30 minutes however when pauses and activities are included this will meet the duration of the session]; 
  • access to Numbots[in Key Stage 1] suggested time of 30 mins daily;
  • recommended access to CBeebies Numberblocks in Reception; 
  • a fortnightly homework poster with a pack of accompanying worksheets, this covers a variety of curriculum areas suggested [*1st poster for Week beginning 4th January which will be sent on Thursday 7th and the next one will be sent on 18th January and thereafter every 2 weeks];
  • a daily Tapestry Challenge which will be set by a relevant year group teacher and will link to the current enquiry, this will include one of the following subjects: science, history, geography, music, PE, Art or DT suggested time to work on of 45-60 mins daily; 
  • a daily assembly delivered by Mrs Lee either linked to our PSHE curriculum or a celebration of achievements and engagement; 
  • there may be also videos to support cross curricular activities - we will post them on our YouTube channel and send you the links. 

On this page you will find a copy of our year group specific Homework Poster with accompanying worksheets [see side panel]This poster has specific activities linked to our curriculum and mirrors the learning that will take place in the “bubbles”. Please upload any work completed onto Tapestry and the class teacher will “like” it, and on some occasions give feedback or write a comment. 

The phonics and maths lessons, and Mrs Lee’s assemblies will be pre-recorded and uploaded via our Hartford Infant School YouTube channel. You can subscribe to our channel and access these. The links to the relevant material will also be sent via email. 

We will continue to use Tapestry as our main tool of communication. Each day a year group teacher will upload a Tapestry challenge for your child to complete.  

We have created a handy “Top Tips for Working at Home” document. This includes a timetable example. This is just a guide and by no means an expectation. 

Please make use of our curriculum pages on the school website and the panel to the sidewhere there are a range of resources which may support you further with remote learning e.g. phonic mats. 

We would recommend that the children continue to use Bug Club to support their reading. The school code is ‘pjhq’. Click the icon on the top right hand corner of this page. 

We would also recommend that the children use Numbots to support their mathsClick the icon on the top right hand corner of this page. 

Covid 19 Health & Safety update for Remote Learning of PE

Covid-19 Safety Addendum for Remote Learning

 Physical Activity Statement (for parents/carers)

  • Parents and carers are responsible for ensuring that children follow the correct safety advice provided at the start of this lesson and the instructions the teacher gives during the lesson.
  • Parents and carers are responsible for supervising activities where required and for seeking medical advice in advance if your child has a medical condition that may prevent them taking part in physical activity.

Keeping safe in this lesson (for children)

  • You must have a grown up with you. Maybe they could join in!
  • This lesson should take place in a space big enough for you to run around outside, check there is space for you to work safely (including above your head)
  • Use non slip trainers on your feet
  • Make sure the floor is not slippery
  • Wear comfortable clothing, put hair up (if needed) and remove any jewellery

Bringing out the Best in Everyone