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Remote Learning

Within this section you will find support for remote learning for your child if they are absent from school because they are isolating or awaiting a Covid-19 test results for themselves or a family member. 

If a child is ill, we would not expect them to be working whilst being unwell but to use all their energies to recuperate.

Please read our Remote Learning Policy [see side panel] to understand how we will support the children in case of individual isolation and should a bubble within school need to isolate. This policy was created in consultation with staff and from parent feedback on our September Remote Learning Provision Survey.

If your child is well, but having to isolate or are awaiting Covid-19 test results, they will receive an electronic copy of our year group specific Homework Poster via email. This poster has activities linked to all learning areas for this half term. This work is linked to learning that the children will complete in school. Please upload any work completed onto Tapestry and the class teacher will “like” it.

Please note there is also a paper pack of worksheets available aligned to learning your child will have experienced in school this half term that they can do independently. This pack would have been issued if your child left school with covid-19 symptoms or because they needed to isolate. It is available from the school office on request.

Please make use of our curriculum pages on the school website and the panel to the side at our range resources which may support you further with remote learning e.g. Phonic Mats.

We would recommend that the children continue to use Bug Club to support their reading. The school code is ‘pjhq’.

We would also recommend these supplementary websites to support children learning whilst they are at home:

Some families have also enjoyed the online lessons courtesy of the Oak Learning Academy . Please refer to our enquiry organisers and learning leaflets to support you in finding appropriate sessions. These are on our curriculum pages.

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