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School Reopening Information

Firstly, we intend to offer small consistent groups called 'bubbles' returning to school on Monday 1st June for all key worker and vulnerable children.

From Monday 8th June  we will open the bubbles for YR and Y1 children .

The decision to return to school is optional and no family will be fined for non-attendance. We appreciate everyone’s circumstances are different and it is a priority to keep your own family safe. It is most important to ensure the health, wellbeing and safety of all children and staff at all times.

Our unique circumstances as an infant school mean we have fewer staff who are available to work in school and limited space to work in, with the possibility of two thirds of children returning to school.

The school will reopen on Monday 8th June for YR and Y1 children for a variety of reasons:

  • The directive from The Cam Academy is for all trust schools to open on this day and not before.
  • During the week of the 1st June we will continue to provide day care for our key worker and vulnerable children group. It is important that it is sufficiently supervised. The number of children attending is increasing and it is our duty to ensure that we have the correct ratio of adults and space to ensure social distancing is adhered to and keep this provision open.
  • The week beginning the 1st June will allow staff to set up workstations with suitable clean equipment for each child, adhere to the Risk Assessments that are being written and to clean the classrooms. Currently the toilets in Year R and 2 are being refurbished and a thorough clean has been delayed due to this. The whole school will need to be reorganised both inside and out to ensure we support the social distancing guidelines. During this week staff will be considering how to organise a staggered drop off and pick up in order to keep children, parents and staff safe.

We will over small bubbles led by approximately 3 adults [please note these will be Hartford Infant School staff but not necessarily your child’s current teacher]. Each group will work in either YR, Y1 or Y2 classrooms and will be presented with suitable work they can do based on the Homework Posters shared on this website.

Those children that remain at home will be able to continue to access the homework posters which are posted on the school website each week.

Please note we will not be returning to the usual timetable and curriculum that was in place in March. Classrooms will be restricted, and certain spaces will not be used e.g. reading corners to support social distancing.

Currently we have no facilities to offer a school meal or fruit so children will be expected to bring in their own refreshments each day.

We will not be reopening the Treehouse Club.

We would stress that should you wish for your child to come to school, that a commitment is made for them to attend their group everyday unless ill. This is to ensure that the group is consistent and safe.

Our practise will be under continuous review for the safety of all.

Thank you for your understanding and support in these uncertain times.


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