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Recovery Premium

The goverment announced a one-off £302 million Recovery Premium, building on the Pupil Premium, to further support pupils who need it most. The average primary school will receive around £6,000 extra for supporting the most disadvantaged pupils from September 2021.

The conditions of this grant require schools to use specific templates to report on Pupil Premium and the Recovery Premium. As the Recovery Premiaum and Pupil Premium can be treated as a single funding pot, we have prepared a single strategic plan using the tiered approach, informed by research. Therefore, our key priorities and spending plans are outlined in detail in our Hartford Infant and Pre School Strategy Statement for 2021-22


As with all government funding, school leaders must be able to account for how this money is being used to achieve our central goal of schools. Given their role in ensuring schools spend funding appropriately and in holding schools to account for educational performance, governors and trustees should scrutinise schools’ approaches to recovery from September 2021, including their plans for and use of Recovery and Pupil Premium funding. This should include consideration of whether schools are spending this funding in line with their priorities and ensuring appropriate transparency for parents.

Our Pupil Premium and Recovery strategy is based around three strategic priorities taken from the EEF Guide to Supporting School Planning: A Tiered Approach. A summary document: The Covid-19 Catch-up/ Recovery Premia and the Pupil Premium – A strategic approach to planning produced by the Confederation of School Trusts (CST) has also framed our response to “recovery” and how to effectively use the DfE funding.

Please click here to read the government’s guidance.

Our priorities for 2021-22:

We have decided that we would spend this grant over the course of the academic year to improve these priorities:




Priority 1

(teaching - CPD)

Support the quality of teaching through CPD e.g. to develop UQT, ECT [Early Career Teacher], establish strong middle leaders and other individual needs.

Develop support staff across the school through apprenticeships.

Employees are highly effective in their roles and well prepared to deliver the best possible education and experience and outcomes for all its pupils.

Staff are motivated, competent and have high self-esteem. This supports the retention of staff at Hartford Infant and Pre School.

Priority 2

(teaching - curriculum)

Embed our broad, engaging, enquiry based curriculum from Pre School through to end of Key Stage 1 with a continued emphasis on oracy.

Improved outcomes for all pupils from their individual starting points.

Priority 3 (targeted academic support)

Through rigorous assessment identify children most affected by school closures [Summer 2020, Spring 2021] and deliver regular, bespoke interventions and tutoring over a sustained period to support gaps within learning.

Narrow the gap between identified pupils and their peers to meet age related expectations.

Priority 4 (wider strategies)

Tackle non-academic barriers (such as attendance, behaviour and SEMH) through pastoral support.

Ensure most vulnerable pupils are able to access the curriculum and be successful in all that they achieve.

We recognise that Government funding is due to change over the next 3 years. This is as follows:

  • 2020-21 Catch up premium [one off grant] plus Pupil Premium
  • 2021-22 Recovery Premium [one off grant] plus Pupil Premium [ new grant conditions apply]
  • 2022-23 Pupil Premium




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